Privacy Policy

Privacy and security of personal information

When ordering a product, the customer provides the following information:

  • Contact phone number;
  • E-mail address;
  • Shipping address.

Usage of the information provided by the user

Information provided by the user is not used for personal identification.

Merchant uses the provided contact information for commercial purposes:

  • In order to carry out their responsibility to the user;
  • For analysis of business activity;
  • For notifying the user of the store's stock updates and ongoing promotions.

If the client does not wish to receive notifications, they may opt-out by contacting: The data stored on this user will be deleted.

Transfer of information provided by the user

Merchant shall not transfer collected information provided by the user to third parties. Usage of the provided information is within the law of Latvian Republic. Transfer of the information provided by the user is acceptable for carrying out the merchant's responsibilities to the user. This includes transferring the required information to partners that handle delivery of the goods.

About client-side data

Client-side data is saved in small text files, which are temporarily stored in your browser's cache on your computer or device. These files are not used for users' personal identification or advertisement. The saved data helps improve workflow efficiency.

Data control and deletion

Client-side text data is automatically deleted after the session ends, or according to the browser's settings. The user is able to manually delete this data by using the browser's "clear cache" function. Additionally, saving of these files in the cache can be disabled in the browser's settings. Please keep in mind that in this case some functionality of the website will be unavailable.

Data collected by partners

Our website uses data from the partner application "Google Analytics", which is created by "Google Inc". "Google Analytics" data is used for website statistics analysis in order to adapt it to user needs. You can learn more about "Google Analytics" on the website. mājas lapāIf you don't want your activity data to be available to "Google Analytics", then you need to activate Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

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